Milan M4 Metro Susa Station: Niccolò and the Blues of Piazzale Susa – Milanese legends, ep. 5


Metro M4 Milano Fermata Susa: Niccolò e il blues di piazzale Susa – Leggende milanesi, ep. 5

In one of Milan's historical squares, Piazzale Susa, many years back, there was a rail exchange, a passage for goods, people and a place for stories. Niccolò, a blues songwriter and singer, knows them all, and loves to tell these stories by accompanying them with his guitar. Watch the video to know them! The M4 or "Blue Line" is Milan's new metro line, an essential work for its development because it will connect Milan from East to West, from the city's historical centre to Linate airport. The "Milano Est-Ovest" magazine is a space that tells about the curiosities linked to the city's urban lifestyle, like in this short film. Discover more:

Video - Leggende milanesi, ep. 5 Susa

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