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April 16, 2024

Webuild, Milan's M4 Metro: discovered new medieval treasures

Sections of the ancient city walls of the naviglio now in to-be De Amicis Station 

By autumn all Line 4 expected to be completed


Milan, April 16, 2024 – A precious testimony of the past relives today inside the to-be De Amicis station of the M4 line, built by Webuild in Milan: some sections of the ancient internal city walls of the Naviglio (small river in Milan), were found during excavations, and have now been restored and placed in its atrium. Works of the station were carried out concomitantly to the overall work on the M4, the latter being fully operational for its first 6 kilometres already, between Linate and San Babila. The line is now heading to full completion with the section that goes from San Babila to FS San Cristoforo expected to be completed by forthcoming Fall.   

Placement operations inside the De Amicis construction site were carried out by Webuild, to allow integrating the Medieval wall structure within the station's architecture, the first being an integral part of the water system of the Naviglio San Girolamo

The Medieval walls were positioned in various steps, following a careful archaeological restoration that will be completed in the forthcoming days. After moving the walls from the construction site, where they were kept, to the De Amicis station, a delicate placement stage followed to position the structure inside a special glass container room specifically designed for the purpose, within the atrium floor of the station. 

The M4 line, commissioned by the Municipality of Milan, is finishing the stations and testing the systems and vehicles. Works to build the bike-pedestrian lane that from Piazza Tirana will cross the Naviglio river and the FS San Cristoforo station, reaching the M4 station, also continue; just like the works to connect the M4 and M3 lines at Torre Velasca/Missori station, and the M4-M2 lines near the "Pusterla" of Sant'Ambrogio. Activities on the surface also carry on, particularly the re-qualification ones in Largo Augusto, which proceed at full speed, with the aim of handing back the square by April to its citizens.  

Positioning the two wall structures in the De Amicis station is the most recent of a series of actions made by Webuild to preserve and value the historical and archaeological pre-existing finds detected while works were being carried out on the M4 line. Under the coordination of the Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape Supervisory Board of Milan, Webuild has in fact already handed back to Milan various historical finds: i.e. the Colonna del Verziere (Verziere Column) and the “Statua del Redentore” (Redeemer Statue) in Largo Augusto; and the "Ruvida Colonna" (Coarse Column) - detected during the temporary movement of the Verziere Column, which was removed to allow works to build the M4 line; the "Busto di Cesare Correnti" (Bust of Cesare Correnti) in Piazza della Resistenza Partigiana, the Medieval wall in Via Francesco Sforza and the "Monumento della Madonna della Rassegnazione" (Monument of Our Lady of Resignation). 

The M4 line is one of the many infrastructural projects built by Webuild that brought to light historical pre-existing finds. Among these, there's Line C of Rome's Metro, which will cross the Eternal City with museum stations valuing the archaeological heritage emerged from the excavations, like the "Casa del Comandante" (Commander's Home), Roman barracks dating back to the 2nd century A.D, found while works were being carried at the Porta Metronia station.

Ricollocazione del Muro Medievale, Metro M4, Stazione De Amicis, Milano

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Webuild, Milan's M4 Metro: discovered new medieval treasures

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